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Elevate your non-profit's mission to new heights as we help you unlock its full potential through tailored solutions.


Mission Simplify began as a humble newsletter, driven by the vision of empowering non-profit organizations and charities to embrace technology and solutions that may not have been originally designed for their sector.Through our journey of experimentation, we recognized the importance of sharing insights on how organizations can streamline their operations and harness existing technology to enhance their missions and achieve greater impact

What we do

At Mission Simplify we are dedicated to empowering non-profit and charitable organizations by enhancing their online presence, streamlining operations, and elevating fundraising support.Our mission is to provide tailored solutions, certified expertise, and cutting-edge technology, enabling our clients to achieve fundraising excellence while maximizing their impact on the causes they care about.The future is here. As the digital divide deepens we're your bridge from strategy to success. Turning processes into profits and ensuring you are a leader - not a sideline watcher - in this global shift.Our ability to do strategy and implementation ensures not just survival in the automation age, but leadership


Automation as a Service

Our monthly subscription service at Mission Simplify for non-profits seamlessly integrates strategic planning and hands-on implementation, ensuring your organization not only embraces but excels in the global shift towards automation.Incorporating modern automation tools and approaches, we enhance your efficiency and effectiveness at an accelerated pace.

KEY BENEFITSMaximize your impact: Automation is a blend of strategic planning and technical execution, and we expertly manage both aspects, allowing your team to focus on your mission without distractions.Deliver with agility: We address operational challenges through an agile approach, constantly enhancing your processes to maintain momentum.Accelerate your mission: Stay ahead of the curve by continuously optimizing your operations with the latest technology, tailored to your organization's unique needs.Enhance team engagement: By automating and optimizing workflows, we liberate your team to focus on meaningful work, fostering higher morale and retention rates.Automation simplified: Streamline your strategy: Trust us to handle the complexities of workflow and process design, freeing you to focus on advancing your mission.Turnkey implementations: Experience a seamless setup for your automations, data systems, and essential tools, with our comprehensive, no-code integration approach.Technical management made easy: Our dedicated team manages all implementation details, guaranteeing smooth and hassle-free automation integration, keeping you at the forefront of efficiency.


For us at Mission Simplify where we will help you most is with your time. [Statistics show that 50.8% of charities are grappling with staff burnout, and 31.5% have experienced a drop in fundraising compared to previous years](https://indd.adobe.com/view/1fdaa5b9-65af-4325-86e2-628a1f02d797)

The biggest benefit we can offer you is time!

Our approach is designed to reduce the risk of staff burnout and the pressure of being overworked by streamlining processes and implementing automation. This strategy aims to free up more time for you to engage with your supporters, ultimately leading to increased fundraising for your organization


We do not impose any limits on the support services offered. Recognizing the fluctuating nature of fundraising and non-profit activities, we provide flexible support tailored to your needs. This means that while some months may require more intensive assistance, others might need less. Over time, we anticipate a balance in the hours of support provided.

We offer support and assistance on any and all Donor CRM systems.

We have built automations, assessed software compatibility and improved workflows in:

We will analyze your data and turn it into meaningful and actionable information.

From Donor Retention to Donor Churn reports. We will also ensure if you have data in multiple sources that is is combined into one easy to read dashboard.

We tailor our solutions and tools to work for you.

Tools that we have used in the past to support the work of non-profits includes:

  • [Zapier](https://zapier.com/)
  • [TypeForm](https://www.donordock.com/)
  • [Google Workspace](https://workspace.google.com/) - Sheets, Docs, Drive
  • [Notion](https://www.notion.so/)
  • [GenerateBanners.com](https://www.generatebanners.com/)
  • [Sly Broadcast](https://www.slybroadcast.com/)
  • [Squarespace](https://www.squarespace.com/)
  • [Unbounce](https://unbounce.com/)
  • [Dialpad](https://dialpad.com/)
  • [Make](https://www.make.com/)
  • [Airtable](https://airtable.com/)
  • And many more...

True to our name and ethos, we ensure simplicity extends to our pricing as well.

We will work within your budget with a promise that our fee never exceeds **$1,800 per month** with no cap on hours.

Return on Investment

These calculators simulate the potential return on investment you could realize by optimizing your fundraising processes with us.

<strong>Donor Retention Calculator</strong>

Donor Retention Calculator

It costs more to acquire a new donor than to retain an existing one. Enter your current metrics to calculate your potential results. We see an average of 5% increase in retention.

Staffing Savings and Time Calculator

Staffing Savings and Time Calculator

Enter your current metrics to see how much money and time you could save compared to a flat monthly fee of $1800.

<strong>Donor Retention Calculator</strong>

Donor Thank You Note Time Saving Calculator

Stewardship is incredibly important for donor retention. Often some annual donors with lower gift amounts get contacted last. Why? Because we often don't have enough time to personally thank everyone as this calculator will show you. Work with us and we can automate and streamline this process while ensuring donor stewardship remains personally and sent in a timely manner.

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