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Enhancing Donor Engagement with Streamlined Email Automation

Learn how a non-profit organization transformed their mass email strategy using a simple two-step automation process, enabling them to send personalized communications efficiently. This blog explores the benefits of combining Google Sheets and Gmail for donor outreach, maintaining a personal touch while managing large volumes of emails.

Turning Unsubscribes into Opportunities: A Non-Profit's Innovative Approach

Discover how a non-profit is turning email unsubscribes into an opportunity for engagement. This post reveals their innovative approach to thanking unsubscribers, refining audience communication, and maintaining relationships, all while achieving a remarkable open rate. Dive into the strategy that's redefining donor interactions!

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Simplifying In-Kind Donations: How Automation Can Enhance Non-Profit Efficiency

Discover how one non-profit transformed the in-kind donation process using automation tools like Typeform, Gmail, and Calendly. This blog explores the benefits of streamlining donation management to improve both donor satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Transforming Non-Profit Operations: Streamlined Tax Receipt Reissuing with Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT

Learn how a non-profit streamlined the cumbersome process of tax receipt reissuing using Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT in combination with Google Workspace and Zapier. This blog post delves into the innovative integration that saves time, reduces errors, and improves donor satisfaction.

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Enhancing Donor Appreciation with Automation: How Non-Profits Can Use Shopify and Zapier

Learn how a non-profit client has mastered the art of donor appreciation using Shopify and Zapier to automate thank-you messages. Discover the strategies that allow for personal touches at scale, the benefits of integration, and how leveraging non-profit plans can optimize your donor engagement process.

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Revolutionizing Donor Engagement: How Automation Can Transform Non-Profit Stewardship

Explore how one non-profit uses automation to personalize donor communications and boost engagement efficiently. Learn how these strategic tools can transform your stewardship and increase retention.

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